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UML2PHP5 generates all the files needed to create a PHP based SOAP webservice. In order to do this, you have to set a class stereotype to <<SOAP>>.
SOAP_SERVER_URL parameter from configuration file dia-uml2php5.conf.xsl allows the plugin to generate the url of your webservice inside the Webservices.wsdl file. The default value is http://URL/.
Support by UML2PHP5
NB: since 2.0.1 release, webservices are exported throught the new PHP5/WSDL/SOAP Webservices plugin.
  • Export :
    • Select UML-CLASSES-EXTENDED in the top box
    • Select PHP5/WSDL/SOAP Webservices in the bottom box
    • OK
Constraint Supported
Generate the WSDL file (Webservice.wsdl) which is used by SOAP servers and by SOAP clients. YES
Generate SOAP server script (soap_server.php). YES

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