UML2PHP5 -> Linux install
Installing Dia
Unless already done, you must first install Dia. If you want to compile it yourself, go to site...
Otherwise, download your favorite distribution package.
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Install plugin
Download archive :.
Locate the Dia directory. Here are the plugin's present files :
  • stylesheet.xml
  • dia-uml-classes.zx
  • dia-uml2php5.zx
  • dia-uml2phpsoap.zx
  • dia-uml2php5.conf.xsl
They should be moved or copied to DIA's "xslt" sub directory. Please note that there's already a stylesheet.xml file. I recommend you rename it stylesheet.xml.old, the original file could be useful in case of a problem.
  • Draw your UML diagram(s)
  • Save it with .dia as file extension
  • Export through the XSL filter (*.code)
  • A popup opens :
    • Select UML-CLASSES-EXTENDED in the top box
    • Select PHP5 in the bottom box
    • OK
The plugin generates as many .class.php files as necessary, in the same directory as the original .dia file.

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